Relief Organization Contacts Blog’s Purpose

This blog will be used to house links to various organizations,  churches,  government entities, and NGO’s that respond to disasters. The idea for this blog began to take shape a couple of years ago as I was working on a Wikipedia page about the Asian tsunami where relief agency  contacts and donation information were listed. Before that page was deleted because it wasn’t “wikipedia enough”, I managed to make a text copy of its wikified contents. I also worked extensively on similar sites for Hurricane Katrina and the Kashmir earthquake.

Just in case those disappear also, I made text copies of their wikified contents too. Rather than keeping the text to myself,I will store the raw wikified text on seperate pages here for anyone to use as a quick and easy “starter page” for any future disaster relief related wikis that are focused on relief agencies and donation links. I will edit out dead url’s as I get time.  I’m also keeping the text file. If anyone wants it, I can send it to them. It is large for a text file.

I plan to have a relief org list on a wiki myself, once I figure out exactly how  to do that 🙂 Meanwhile I will be slowly adding html links in this blog. One tip: I use this site to find Christian church denomination’s websites. They very often have links to that denomination’s particular disaster relief effeorts.



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